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Цифровое фото

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1 Arts and Crafts Designs (+ CD-ROM). Noble Marty Arts and Crafts Designs (+ CD-ROM). Noble Marty
Striking collection of designs, rendered from textile and wallpaper motifs, vases, and other authentic sources, includes images of lovely florals once etched into glassware and pitchers, garlands of flowers in square and circular configurations,
1309 руб
2 CD-ROM. Full-Colour Pets CD-ROM. Full-Colour Pets
Practical CD-ROM and book collection - ideal for adding period flavor to countless graphic assignments and craft projects - includes 294 vintage illustrations of ponies, parrots, puppies, kittens, fish, rabbits, lambs, youngsters posing with pets,
1691 руб
3 CD-ROM. Nautical Illustrations + Book CD-ROM. Nautical Illustrations + Book
This collection of 126 black-and-white images depicts lovely mermaids, seafood restaurants and waterfront dining, a shipboard party, fishermen, water-skiers, swimmers, sailboats, and other nautical motifs. Ideal for enhancing signs, menus,
1946 руб
4 Full Colour Medieval Ornaments (+ CD-ROM). Full Colour Medieval Ornaments (+ CD-ROM).
Selected from 19th-century reprints of medieval manuscripts, 355 full-color illustrations depict a wide range of subjects - from birds, florals, animals, and geometrics to letters of the alphabet embellished with flowers and sinuous vines, mythical
1691 руб
5 Women Illustrations (+ CD-ROM). Women Illustrations (+ CD-ROM).
Detailed images of women of all ages, nationalities, and social classes - selected from rare 19th-century publications - depict subjects in a wide array of clothing styles while engaged in work, reading, dancing, playing musical instruments, and
1309 руб
6 CD-ROM. Celtic Frames and Borders + Book CD-ROM. Celtic Frames and Borders + Book
Versatile, royalty-free, and immediately usable patterns provide artists and craftspeople with a wealth of exotic design options, including serpentine scrolls, intricately interwoven motifs, fanciful creatures of the sea and sky, symbols for
1946 руб
7 CD-ROM. Traditional Designs from India + Book CD-ROM. Traditional Designs from India + Book
This CD-ROM and book set draws upon a 5,000-year-old heritage, depicting motifs adapted from a variety of artifacts: coins and pottery from South India, Ajanta and Bagh murals, Muslim monuments, textiles from Gujarat and Punjab, as well as masks and
1309 руб
8 CD-ROM. Victorian Houses + Book CD-ROM. Victorian Houses + Book
Explore the striking architectural variety of Victorian-era homes with this excellent collection of more than 230 images - all selected from rare sources. Included are detailed illustrations of seaside villas, lavish country estates, secluded
1691 руб
9 CD-ROM. Pirates + Book CD-ROM. Pirates + Book
This unique pictorial archive offers 190 images of high-seas adventure - 60 in color and 130 in black-and-white. They range from early woodcuts and engravings to the early 20th century, with portraits of famous pirates and their ships, plus
1691 руб
10 CD-ROM. Old-Fashioned Vignettes + Book CD-ROM. Old-Fashioned Vignettes + Book
Treasury of permission-free images portray the innocence and sentimentality of a bygone era. Idealized motifs, selected from authentic 19th-century sources, depict Santa, horse-drawn sleighs, floral wreaths, clasped hands, cherubs, and children -
1399 руб
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